Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An Excuse : Mother Nature.

So,, this post is going to be about earth hour. see, in my point of view, i see earth hour as an excuse to have candle light dinners. but my point is, there are reasons why we had earth hour. Mother Nature had tried to protect us from our fate from God, and yet we do nothing back. so at least for one hour, all the lights are off-ed to help conserve : and in return to Mother Nature. Back to what i was supposed to talk about, i wanted to ask you people how did YOU spend EARTH HOUR.

Me, i took the time to sit, relax and think about all the things i cherish in life. and in the silence of the darkness, only have i truly known how much i appreciate them. i guess earth hour wasnt that bad after all. With no light-ings, i guess we could survive, as long as the sun comes back up to show me how beatiful the world is..

PEACE, to :