Thursday, May 14, 2009

Could I Talk to you..

Im sorry.. it hurts me more than it hurts you. letting go of the one you truly love is really painful. and seeing them upset adds to the pain. i cant bare the though of you gone.. it been a few hours.. and the pain is unbareable. for you, i did everthing i could to make you happy. and after today, i failed all of my duties. seeing you walk away made me felt alone.. you walked away with the look of a stranger.. do you even know me now? the decision hurts me too.. but you if you did convince me.. i would told you i loved you and not let you walk away.. im sorry.. dont have a hard time and take care of yourself.. i might not be there anymore.. but i'll always be supporting you all i can as a friend. no matter how you look at me now, i doubt that i would stop being friends with you.. concentrate on your studies. dont let me get you off track of your real goals in life..