Wednesday, December 30, 2009

tomorrow's a new day ;

its been too long since i blogged about something . so now, in the mist of boredom on the last day of 2009 , i took the initiative to put something up .. this year had been a rough roller coaster ride for me. nothing seem to last or ay of this year . i guess the feng sui book was right , this year for the dogs is particullarly hard as they lose alot in anything they owned .. so next year , im gonna read about those kinda stuff to give a heads up on how a hard headed taurus would do in 2010..

about 2009 ;

its bee a year which i definitely will miss . it was a hectic year , but in the middle of all the chaos , i got reattached to my friends again , closer than before .. i guess i didnt know how important they are before . but now i do .. they made my year a great 1. other than that , i guess this year i truly found love .. never had i fell so deep, but i am.. this time im not letting it go .. not so soon . theres so much to talk about this year , but im only limited to talk about some of them , as happy memories for me , would be explict for the little ones who reads this ..

im thankful for the chances that were given to me to experience many things .. theres not much i wouldnt do again for the next year .. but , let me tell you, we shall brace oursleves for 2010 , cause its the turning poimt right ? you know why ? its cause it is 2 years away from judgement day and 2 years after puberty .. so now puberty is out of the way , man up and face the world before its too late right ? ..

'what am i talking about ..'

theres only one regret ,
i never got a chance to realise my mistakes sooner,
to find a way to make it up to you,
to show you how much i love you.

and now you're gone,
i reminisc everyday,
wishing i could do it all again.