Monday, June 8, 2009

My Holiday.

On june 1st to june 5th, i have been to Perth, Aussie. To tell you the truth, i dun really fancy the place there. its kinda boring. but the food there is great. and so is the weather. its cold but not too cold. there, ppl were nice.. and the girls were hot..XP but i dn fancy them. -.< hmm.

so on the first day, my cousin who lives there decided to have barbecue. i thought we were going out to eat barbeque, but i came to find out he was barbequeing himself. eventhough i didnt expect it to be that good, he surprised me. neighbours who were frens brought other food, and we kinda had a gathering.

The next day, my family took the train al the way down to Perth city. it was fun. the train was filled with so many different characters. when we reached there, we went to murray street. the crowd there was overwhelming. you could see students to shufflers. haha they were wearing their phats around. but there was not much to shop there. everything was expensive. after shopping, during the evening, my cousinbourght me and my nephew to see the schools and colleges there. he was trying to influence us to go there and further our studies.. but we'll think abt it.. no doubt the school and colleges were great.. but just not willing to leave yet..

on the same night, we had 'EAGLE BOYS' pizza. it looked abit different but tasted great anyways. the food there is seriously great.. the next day, my family went to WHITEMAN's Park.. we just walked around and took some pictures.. after that we went to the chocolate factory.. there, they had tons of chocolate.. and tons of free samples. it was like a all-you-can-eat-chocolate-galore. being me, i tested everything and went for another round. soon we had lunch at the cafe and headed home..

For dinner, we headed to a vietnamese restaurant. the beef ball noodle ther was freaking nice.. after that, we headed home to sleep.

The next day, we went to CICERELLO's in Fremantle. we went there bcuz its know as the best fish and chips in western aussie. haha. it was seriously damn nice.. But the toilet there is funny.. the had a fish thank right above the urinal.. i felt kinda expose while pee-ing.. haha. after that we had baskin robins ice cream eventhough the breeze by the deck was bloody cold. it was nice cause the ice cream didnt melt that much. after that we headed to a chinese restaurant to have dinner..

i was so dissappointed.. i had to go all the way there to eat food that can be prepared here. but anyways i have a burger after that to make up for it. the next and final day, we went to Gardens City Mall.. i bought a pair of shoes from there. hehe.. the sales girls was f-in hot.. haha.. but im more interested in you.. XP hehe.

the after that we headed for lunch and to the airport once more. i got molested at the imigration.. but i was CLEAN.. in the end when we touched-down in M'sia, i could feel the heat already..

But what made this trip interesting was, you replied my msgs eventhough it was expensive.. but when i was there i really missed you.. ^^

And when i got back, i kept my promise to call you.. i was happy to hear your voice.. and just today, i had a great day. thx for spending time with me. =3