Sunday, June 21, 2009

What Am I to You?

on friday, i took back all my papers from school. results were bad.. so mmy mum started bombarding at me. at one point i couldnt take it.. and thats when the fun began. i swung my right hand straight towards her face. she dodged ==. soon my dad came and grab me to stop me. then my neighbours which were relatives came and sort things out. soon i stared at my mum.. and my mum got scared..!! but after that she didnt dared come near me no more..

The next morning, i got ready to go to school for volleyball. Ariff fetched me there.. after a long game, i played basketball and she arrived. she got her report card way earlier than i did. when my parents came, they bombarded me in front of my class tcher.. but soon my class tcher took them out for a talk while he asked me to stay in class.. God knows what they were talking abt. soon i got home, showered and got ready to go out..

waiting for her to arrive was the most boring 45 minutes ever.. but as long as she was here in the end it was worth it. we walked for awhile, and eventhough it was a date, we werent being all date-like. soon we went to buy tickets for the movie "Dance, Subaru". we went for lunch first as the movie starts later. we went for Sakae Sushi ==...

after lunch we were a bit late for the movie, but got there just in time before the movie started. we sat down, still undate-like. suddenly, she rested on me.. and the mood began for a date-like date. XP.. but the worst part of the movie was, there was a 15 second segment of torture.. and i came to find out that Subaru, the lead girl in the movie had a dad call ISUZU..!! i was like WTF?!?! it was histaricle!!.. haha..

after the movie, we went to MPH, the place where we reunited for the frist time XP. but suddenly she had to buy some stuff for her friends, in the end she didnt buy any == ...

Then i felt thirsty, and she bouhgt me starbucks. still cant thank you enough. as soon as we got the drinks, we went to the arcade. this is where to funniest happened on that day.. i finished my drink and i was eating the ice after we got the tokens, suddenly she grab my ice and told me " Stop eating and throw it away, its not good for you".. we were not letting go of it and was spinning around till someone lets go.. we were shouting on whats right in the middle of the arcade.. it was histaricle.. everyone was looking at us.. soon she said " Ouch, you're hurting my hand!" and i let got immediately thinking she was hurt.. in the end she wasnt really hurt and threw away my ice..==..

then we played Daytona.. this is where i got my revenge XP..after a few rounds, there were no tokens left.. we headed down to talk at the hand rail. as soon as i turned back, i saw them.. it wasnt a surprise.. haha.. only vincent came to say hi, and so did trina, but.... nvm.. as soon as they passed, she dragged me to the magazine shop..==.. after that i delivered her to the stop where she got picked up.. good byes were exchanged and off she goes.. what a day we've had.. thx for coming out ya..^^

i ate Carl's junior for dinner and went back. when it was late, she came online.. haha.. she wanted to webbie. webbie means webcam, was i the only one who didnt know that? lol.. but my webcam had issues, i could see her but she couldnt see me XP.. it was nice to see you smile though you were exhausted.. too bad you didnt get too see me high. LOL!

then we went off to bed..
What a day..
with sooo many mixed emotions..