Sunday, July 19, 2009

Do You Remember?

its funny. yesterday our Malaysian football team had a friendly aginst Machester United. our Malaysian team lost 3-2. but i applause for the effort. but this game, it somehow reminded me of something that happened long ago.. which bonded us.. the excitement, the goals, the final whistle.. it made mme feel so happy, to know.. for that moment, you were you..


2 - 3

Final Score.

Remember the time when Liverpool was playing against Machester United?.. it felt just like that.. wanting our side to win. then when they did win, remember the joy? remember the happiness we shared?.. good times.. we couldnt stop cheering, happily.. with each other, though far apart, we felt the joy among each other.. that moment made my day that time.. wish i could do it all over again..