Monday, July 13, 2009

A Kiss To Seal The Deal

i have no idea what to blog nowadays. im too caught up with everything. a new realtionship and a new friend. to balance both was not easy but managing it was part of the agreement to making it right. i think i know what i want now.. its not me, her, you or we.. its us. losing even one of you wouldnt make me feel any better.. two half's make one full right?..

To assure me things were going somewhere.. You did what you did. waited in patience. gave me time. and gave yourself sometime to really think about us. i know now you really want this to work.. and so do i.. i dont want to be just an ex-boyfriend if we are over, i wan to be an ex to remember. im changing from now. all my time and thought goes to you. do tell me if you change your mind.. i wouldnt want to hold back on trying with you once more if that happens.

Love you..