Sunday, July 5, 2009

Give Me A Reason To Stay

the more i think about it the more down i get. is my life that tragic? When all things seem right i long for things to be even better. Call me greedy for all i care. im not satisfied for all you know. things are so hard to ignore and everything reminds me of what could have been. The future is still a blur, but with you, it seem like time catches up with me very quickly, yet the past ramains just a few feet away from the back of my head. Whenever i look back, the sight of your face just disappears for a moment.. yet when i turn back, i see you smiling back at me.. the guilt in me is getting the best out of me.. you stare at me with trust and sane, i return the favour, though it might not be sincere.. telling you abt this is never gonna be easy... through the hard times we argued or gave our opinions, it give me a feeling that maybe and just maybe, you were longing for something more than what you have today.. ME... Im soory for making you try.. I shouldnt have..

I love you..