Monday, October 5, 2009

the mist;

- currently fragmented..

i got to admitt. i've been through alot of bull shit with you, but you made it worthwhile.. you once said these things that happen to us, makes us stronger. after that, i felt secure enough to not try to think about this day to come. but it did.. and this post is not here to diss you, its to tell you how much i appreciated you. though it may not be clear then, but now i see, how much you really were in my life..

you were, some sort of what i called a dream. you were, mostly what i had hoped for to come true. you were my support, you were my all. i gave you everything, and not hoped for nothing back in return, but just for you to stay.. little did i know, it didnt pay off trying.. it probably would have paid off by just doing it. its too late to try, yet too early give up. you were too much of a good thing, and probably some of the best things.. i remembered never failing to smile when i saw you everyday with your eyes wide open and your smile too beutiful to be true; to be mine.. you are everything everyone hopes for.. but a few minor touches in you should be polished up. i failed to do so, but im hoping the next one would change you more effectively than the way i did it..

well me, im here, always here, but never forever.. im sorry to have been such a burden for you. but im pretty sure you're happier than i am. so, i wont be worrying so much about you.. as for me, i'll do fine.. if i ever stop thinking about this.. but till then, miss me.. dont forget me.

'i am down, but not defeated'

the photos of you are mine to keep
it makes me happy once i take a look at it
it reminds me that
the best things in life dont last forever
as we could only last a life time
till forever leaves us old and gray