Thursday, October 8, 2009

remember when;

-currently stiching a gaping hole on my shoulder.

it has barely been a week, and its already killing me.. my footsteps with heavy drags and my head down as though the floor amuses me.. am i too late? or maybe its too soon. i dont know. i dont know anything anymore, i dont know you anymore, i dont know me anymore.. constant hits to the chest would still not make this pain go away. the hole in me is gaping; more hollow than ever.. across the court i walked, and i could see you there beside me. but its only the images in my mind which i could only remmeber. i've lived it, i've believed it and now i dream about it.. the empty space beside me seems to be unoccupied. why? i just dont know.. you could do it, why cant i?.. i've never been this unwilling to let this go. maybe its because i never wanted this after the long hours of sleepless nights and constant nudges i gave to make it work.. maybe, i did love..
i hope i could be better soon, i dont want to seem to be the weaker one among us two.. but what i dont get is, no matter how hard i try to explain, im rejected of a second thought. nothing i say would ever work right now.. and its okay. i dont mind trying..

people say:
face the facts and live your life
i say:
live your life and face the facts
the difference is obscene