Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Accomodating for TWO.

heres another problem. i have gone true serious crap before and dun think i deserve to go through it before. and as my friend , Matthew, said to me before " What doesnt kill you, makes you stronger." but see, there are still complications in my life that i just cant solve. and this one is just a massive blackhole.

it is something that i have no control of. it is also something that i have no right to voice out about. see, SHE has me and she also has her bestfriend. and her bestfriend kinda dislike me for certain reasons. its not that i dont want everything to be fine. its just that i cant do anything about it. everytime i open my mouth for any reason, it just makes her (her bestfriend) hold a bigger grudge on me. i would want both, HER and her to be fine. but its just that she wouldnt listen to me.

what im trying to say is that, i dont want anymore complications. and i want HER to be happy with everything in her life. and its okay if you want to spend some time with her. i know its hard for you. but im not here to pull her away from you and neither am i here to be in your way. i dont mind if you still feel that disliking me is neccessary, but if you do change your mind, THANK YOU. if you dont, then at least dont do it infront of her. let her be happy. and if i did anything wrong before..