Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mr. Harashimnaidu

Well as i promised in the previous post, here's a post on what happened to me. see, i have this teacher who is freaking fat but God only knows why is he our sports organiser. his name is Mr. Naidu. This fucking bitch here thinks he knows all that about anything. see, before the 400m event took place, there were complications. Mr. Naidu here typed the name list for yellow house wrongly. and by carrying out orders for the team i got pussy scolded. That bitch pussy scolded me. here's what happened in detail.

i ran to the tent beside the track to clear the names and changed them. i told another teacher of mine to change the names THEY WERE WRONG. then that fucking Bitch-Nu, who thinks he is all gangster, came and said in a kurang ajar way, ' Apa salah?! Huh, apa salah?! ' i was keeping my cool, as my class teacher was there, and he wasnt complaining like a drama queen abt the names. then Bicth-Nu here said ' Saya malam tadi baru type nama ni tau? apa salah?' and there i was thinking to myself, if the names were typed by him so carefully, Bitch-Nu didnt even spell my name right.

then he thinks that he was so right. i wasnt even talking to him in the first place. and his fucking busybody-ness had to just get involved. in the end the names were eventually changed cause BICTH-NU TYPED IT WRONGLY! that fuckhole. soon i was thinking of a way to hurt him real bad and seemed innocent for it. the planned has been confirmed and might be carried out as soon as he thinks. so watch out BITCH-NU.