Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Moments Don't Last Forever.

on Monday, which was yesterday, seven of us took the KTM to Seremban to see Ms. Vasugi (our former language teacher). the day started of early with me leaving the house at 6:50 am to go to Azrai's house for transport. Matthew and Khai Teq followed too. when we were there, we got into a car and left. But first thing's FIRST, we had to get breakfast. we stop at the McDonald's near subang parade to grab a bite. After that, Joanne came to see us eat. well, its not really see, but she just wanted to meet us. after eating we took Joanne's means of transport to the station.

As we got there, tickets were bought and the train was yet to arrive. while waiting Matthew had a bit of his photography session. Soon after, we got onto the train, anxiously awaiting to reach Seremban to see Ms. Vasugi. On the train, there were not that many people as expected. but definitely there were no seats. we stood for about half an hour till we reached KL Sentral. Here, we had to switch trains.

After the switching, we got on another train which had plenty of seat. well, its not really a compliment when i say i didnt expect our country's KTM to be what it is. Its not really half bad. EXCEPT for the people on it. we sat opposite a row of hooligans. they made noise and any means of disturbancce you can think of. as the train reached there in and hour or so, we got down, went out of the station and searched for our teacher.
Soon after, she found us. it was abt 10 am that time. we met at A&W's. So we might as well have a drink there. Teacher showed Matthew the way there as she couldnt take us herself as she had a tight squedule on that morning. so after a drink, we walked and we walked till we reached our destination. we were greeted into the house by Ms. Vasugi's sister. when we were there, it was quite boring. so we stareted to msg each other through the phones abt inappropriate stuff to say when teacher's sister was there. About 12 teacher got back. She took her seat and started chatting.

We talked and we talked about everything that was happening in our school to her to keep her updated. and she did the same to tell us about how her new enviroment is. She seems to miss us and school alot. and we miss her too oursleves.

it was 1:25 that LUNCH came to teacher's mind. she took us to a mamak-like shop for lunch. after lunch was our time to say our final goodbye. she took us to the station and hugs were exchanged. Pictures were soon taken as a memory till the next time we see her. WE WILL BE MISSING YOU teacher. till the next time we always will. it was hard leaving the place but yet its releaving to know that she's safe and sound there.

at 2:30, we left the station back to KL Sentral. Switched trains again and back to Subang. Later everyone decided to go to Asia Cafe for a game of pool and a trip to the Cyber Cafe. Then our dinner was there too. Soon everyone started to go back after a whole day together. Finally my parents came , took me, Matthew, Azrai and Khai teq back. on the way, we stopped for ABC at ss2 and had a stroll in the pasar malam there. then it was time to go home..