Sunday, March 22, 2009


so yesterday, the cheerleading captains decided to celebrate with each other. but guess what? not many people turned up. well its normal for them. cause some goodie goodie ' kids ' are not allowed to come. but its already a normal thing for all of 'our' group members to come.

the day started with me going to volleyballl training in the morning. but after a few games, the urge of playing was not there anymore. so we played quite alot of tensed games cause our coach was not happy with the way we were playing. well, what ever, he'll get over it.

after that my dad came late to pick me up. so i reached home a quickly headed for the showers, changed and told my dad i had to go. everyone was actually not there yet, but since Jo' was there alone, might as well go early to teman her. i was actually alone, but i didnt know my 'mum' , hana, was following me. so at 1 point i turned back cause i thought i was heading in the wrong direction and BOOM! she shoved her hand right up my face and said ' HI ! '. i was kinda scared cause...

1. i thought no stranger would do that.
2. i didnt know hana could scare me

but soon after, hana and i went and met Jo' at McDonalds. we were walking around cause ' it burns calories '. Girls.. but after walking for just a few minutes, Drew called Jo' and said he arrived. we, of course had to pick him up. Boys will be Boys, so me and Drew brought the other two to watch us play pool while waiting for the others to turn up. Soon after, Matt arrived. we played and we played till Adam and Daus' came. Adam left us for his personal reasons while Daus' hung around to play with us. Then it was time and we had to leave for the LUNCH.

we reached there first and many people didnt turn up anyways, so we started to order and started munching down first. but since Aisyah arrived later than us, some of us had to wait for her to finish her food before we could leave. and i forgot to mention that while eating, Matt, Jo' and Drew were salting each others food. Drew's food turned out to be really salty as he claims it to be.

Then levia turned up and we headed for the pool place again, as usual. but i was getting kinda bored of pool cause i keep losing. but anyways, Aisyah and Levia was first to play. they played for half an hour or more! the balls just refused to enter ( or maybe they just suck). no offence guys. and Jo' and hana had to go off somewhere to have a ' girl talk '. well i was suspicious of course. But when Jo' came back, she pulled me aside and gave me a necklace with a ring pendent that has ' JO (heart) Jin ' on it. i was seriously stunned. i dont really expect her to buy it for me. And i was so speechless that i forgot to say thank you. but if she's reading this, i am really happy with it and i appreciate it alot, thank you.

and since everybody was bored, we suggested a movie. but we didnt have any idea what movie to watch, so ' Race to Witch Mountain ' was our only choice. the movie was kinda boring though. but Jo' was beside me. so it doesnt really matter.

Soon we had our dinner. It was at Sakae Sushi. i didnt have anything much to eat cause i was too tired to even eat. but then, news broke out that Rachel's there. well, i didnt have anything to ask or say when we went and met her. When it was kinda late, Matt left, then followed by Jo' and Drew. So it was me, Khai Teq and Azrai with Rach'. Being me, i felt my presence was not wanted so i left the group and told Azrai and Khai Teq to call me when their done cause they are following me back. And then they were done and we left. i guess everybody was exhausted when they got home....