Thursday, March 5, 2009

Labelled YELLOW.

today was a great day. and about my previous post, me and her are okay already. and since that inccident we have just tried to forget what happend. back to my topic. today, my school took some of us to the stadium where we have our sports day to reherse for the acctual day and some final track events were also held today. it started with the 400m. i dont know abt the girls but i do know about the guys. Vivishen ( blue ) won the race as expected but heart felt respects to Hadzwan and Daniel for trying. you guys did great. after that event we all practiced for the march pass.

after that the 4x400m relay took place. at that time an inccident took place that i will never forget neither am i gonna forgive. i'll blog about it in the next post. but in this event SHE took part in it. eventhough she didnt win, she wasnt last. and no matter what the results are, i am proud of HER. after her race, it was mine. i was the last person for the relay. thanks to my teammates, Hadzwan, Adam and Daniel, i had a big advantage. the second team wasnt even close all i had to do was maintain the lead and win. and thats what happened. GO YELLOW. well done guys.

after that we went back to school with big smiles on our faces...