Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Love Bug Never Bitten Me This Itchy.

She could say she's happy. but im confused on wether she means it..

i know it seem emotional and all but its just that someway or somehow i feel left out for some reason. See, since me and Joanne were together everythings been great. and after everything that happened in the previous post, the whole day with all our friends, i seem to really feel like im not doing enough for my special one. everyone seems to have a better chemistry with her than i do. they make her laugh harder than i do. they seem to find the right words at the right time to say to her way more thatn i could. they make her feel occupied with something more than i could. i have a feeling im not standing up to my responsibilities or what not.

i could make her happy, i could make her smile/laugh but just not the way they do to her. i could make her feel like my presence is there but not as much as how her friends could. it may seem confusing. well it is. i wished i was all my friends and myself combined to be a perfect guy for her. it seems to me that im not the ' Oomph ' in her life to make her happy. .. i just want to do more to make these feeling of jealousy subsize and make me feel satisfied about myself..