Saturday, August 22, 2009

Food For Thought.

what do you think of me now? how does it feel like? painful isnt it. there so much that you dont know yet you think you do. what is there to say, when things had gotten this bad. what is there to do, when seeing some people, makes me mad. what do i do to make it right? or the bigger question is, do i want to make it right. im shying away from the truth and thats the way i intend to keep it. but what if it only causes a much more of painful sting? but if i dont go with my guts, i wouldnt know if it would turn out to be a beautiful macrame for me. i wont know. but, now, im unwilling to fulfil what i pormised. my concience was overpowered by the pain i was taken down with. im unwilling to sacrifice no more for someone who treats me that way, of a mere human. and not a friend to be recked by. i got too little back for what i had given, yet im willing to give away that, and live like im suppose to. but what is there to be thinking about now. when all my troubles had gone away, giving me a clear path. but its not time to reconcile.. there too much eagerness to tear you down in me.. let it cool of, and maybe have a better beginning..

the real question is,

Am i the bad guy or the good guy?