Thursday, August 27, 2009


okay, so i had my check up today. waited and waited... soon i got my doctor. he hits here hits there, squizes here squizes there, told me to do some squarts and what so ever. soon.. took me for an x-ray...

everything was fine. he said stay at home and rest for a week or two. my knee has just the smallest tissue tear ever. and my neck still has some tense vains causing it hard to turn. my elbow should be fne soon. and as for the bruises, they are all fine. just need to give it a daily massage. and to other injuries, they're minor. and will heal in no time. that wasnt as bad as i thought it would be.. i was afraid before.. but now, its nothing..

but just today, i found out that something has changed in me for the pass few days.. i have been eating excessively. i have been averaging two bowls of rice a meal and today, you wouldnt believe what i ate in three hours.

firstly, after my check up at SJMC, i went to subang parade for lunch with my cousin sis. so we were deciding on what to eat. my mum said Uncle Lim's. so sure, we went. i got a karipap, 2 three-quarter boiled eggs and an asam laksa. then i got thirsty and got a cham-ice. soon after lunch i walked around to see if there's anything to buy. sadly, no. but i did come across McDonalds. i got myself a large Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, set. i chowed down happily on that. soon, as i've done that, baskin robins was nearby. i got a double scoop cone, consisting of, chocolate mousse royale and world-class chocolate. that was the last thing i ate.. but dinner is in a few hours.. CAN'T WAIT!

"i think im growing!"

today, i got to eat so much is also because of the fasting month. if it wasnt for that, i think i would have to fight for food and jump queues. ahh.. what a day it has been..

and when i got home, i was thinking about 1 question... 'who is the hottest women i have ever lived to see'... though question huh. but the answer came up in a minute; Marilyn Monroe. she is no doubt the right choice.. i mean look at her, wouldnt any man want her?.. i mean, if she was educated then, yea, everyman would want her.. but sadly, she's dead.. and thankfully, im so over her..
" it is what it is,
it ain't what it ain't
don't make what it is what it ain't."
think about it...