Tuesday, August 25, 2009


in a about 1 or 2 days, i am going for a body check up. why you mght ask; this is due to the injuries i've gotten through basketball training. actually some of the injuries lasted for more than half a year. but it was minor then... now its getting to me.. i approximately have 6 to 7 injuries.. lets list them down..

no. 1 : my ankle.
i was rushing to get a basket so through the defense i ran. soon i found myself in the air and going for a clear lay-up. somehow, i missed, and landed on someones foot. that totally sprained my ankle. but soon i walked it off, but now, it came back.. what are the odds.

no 2 : my knee.
this is the longest hurting part of my body. since february my knee has been a problem. but sometimes it seems fine though. but now, its killing me.. and i can't stand it. i walk with a knee guard nowadays..

no 3 : my thigh.
falling from a rebound which was then stolen from me by one of the big guys; he pivotted around till i thought i saw a doughnut on the ground. and when he wanted to get up, he swung his elbow right to me thigh. that left a HUGE bruise there. soon it got bigger and it looks infected.

no 4 : my butt (assets)
again, going for a basket, flew for the lay-up. but this time it went in. but as i was in mid-air, i had this chunk of big, sweaty, piece of pork chop guarding me. in the air he had already pushed me, but all my attention was into making the basket; till i forgot to see where i was landing. soon i had myself trying to brake, but it was too late. the basketball-rim-pole was 2 inches away from me.. then.. tragedy stuck, boom! my ass goes hitting on it. and i think it got flattened with a huge bruise on it too.

no 5 : my elbow.
i was running around trying to get the ball. when i got it, i tried cutting through the defense. but little did i know, my opponents used foul play to get the ball. a person just tugged on my elbow, then the ball got away. i tried pushing myself of the ground with my arm, but it hurt so bad that i had to take my time..

no 6 and no 7 : wrist and head.
i found myself controlling the ball movement. then i moved back to the half court line looking for a pass. soon, two defenders got up to me and i found myself in a corner; nearly going backcourt. i scrambled for a pass but it was too late. the two defender; one locked my ankle and the other pushed me. i threw the ball to God knows where, but i fell on my back and hit my head against the cemmented floor. my wrists were sprained due to the impact of the fall; i was trying to soften the landing with my wrists. guess it didnt work. i blackedout for a moment; just a moment. then found myself surrounded by people. i didnt dare to move as im afraid i might break something. but soon i was on my feet and walking. but now my neck hurts due to that fall. a slight turn to my left sends a painful spike down my spine..

now im afriad, thats why im going for a check up.
it neer ends with the pain though.....