Sunday, August 23, 2009


Its been days, and quotes seem to come to my mind. words pop up as if it was telling me something. so i started writting them down.. but all i that i had penned down, is totally irrelavant.. why am i seeing these words all of a sudden.. when these quotes or whatsoever come to mind, i grab my phone and just text them down a save them.. maybe you should read it.. tell me something i don't know...

"its hard to see your friends change into someone different from whom you used to know.
But its even harder to demand a change, when you're desperate for a helping hand."

"Finding ways to convince people that you're fine would not help yourself."

"when things don't go your way,
its because you don't want them to be."

"Turning fiction to fact is believing that the fiction is no doubt a fact.
and holding on to that belief is dominance"

"Pain and hurt makes us strong.
but the urge for happiness makes us weak."

"Forgetting the past is one thing,
but to relive it again is another."

"When friends are said to be lost,
new ones tend to come along."

"being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect.
it means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections."