Monday, August 31, 2009


i am gonna be happy for today. cause today's independence day. today, Malaysia is 52 years old. the big 52! its not much, but its enough to be proud of. we've come so far since 1957, and now, look at us. better than ever.. living together and enjoying the different cultures of our friends. this makes us special.. and still going strong!!

im lucky enough to enjoy all the different food we have here. theres too little time to have them all. but as i grow with it, i will.. the food tastes great too. no matter what race, we share the same food and speak the same words; together... i eat, you eat, we eat together, in one Malaysia..

Happy 52nd Birthday, Malaysia!
Happy Independence Day, Malaysians!

"Bersama kita capai semua,
Satu Malaysia."
Satu Malaysia- AMP All-Stars.