Monday, August 31, 2009

my humdinger;

-Currently still hung-over thinking about our first kiss..

getting bored after breakfast. soon had my parents go to Shangri-la for dim sum.. after that, mum bought tons of mooncake to give away. i had to carry them.. not fair at all.. but before that, was hoping to get dim sum with my cousin sisters. they did not turn up; my uncle and aunty too. we are having a family prob, its no surprise they didnt show up.. kinda missing them..

'the ride was not fun'


was looking at my phone the whole day, hoping for an answer/reply. did not get a response. starting to feel insecure. to tell you the truth, its no big deal.. its just that, i want you to be true to me. its not that, the problem is only yours. its mine too. why werent you willing to share with me?.. its not a big deal to me at all, its really not. and i over-reacted that day.. now, looking back, what i did was completely unneccessary.. i understand that its personal, but the problem is, i tried so hard to gain your trust, yet all you did was shadow me away from the truth. and now, you're pushing me away...

'everything seems to remind me of you..'

I'm still standing here, waiting..
Let's take that as a frivolous conversation
Let's do this together.