Tuesday, September 1, 2009

enigmatic me;

-currently head banging to heavy metal..

today; scholl reopens. today, time passed so slowly. every strut, every step, every breath i take seem to pass tremendously slow.. it was as if time had slowed down for me to truly think about what i am, and what is made of me to become. i was thinking a whole lot; felt down. there's too much to really think about. and all the time in the world would no be enough to think about them all. but one thing is for sure.. im still trying to figure out, ME..

'Exactly; make up my mind for me?..'

i started to think i was fudged.

or maybe it was the lack of time that i have to get everything done? theres too much forceful pressure on me. i've got so much on my plate; i dont know where to dig in. avoiding the wrong side of the law, keeping up with friends, keeping up with the girlfriend, preperation for the major papers and producing a productive result. i can't sit back and chill anymore. thers no time.. maybe im just fuddy-duddy. but i understand what is important. on the other hand, i want to be more for the people i care about..

life in a manometer;
the're too much i cant handle. anyone care to offer a helping hand?

completely newsy post '

living life as a looney limrick,
taking it mundanely.