Tuesday, September 8, 2009

its sticky;

- Currently having my back break on its own

i thought today was fine. i thought today was okay. but little did i know, i can't do what i wanted too. im afraid. afraid of what might happen to her. i tried standing strong. but after yesterady's sleepless night, that conversation with her mum, made my leg shake out of control; its hard enough to stand still. frequently getting lost starring into the mid-air, thinking, in a middle of a convo. friends did all they could to cheer me up.. some succeed but some just brought me back to square one..

"what are we going to do now.."

this question lingered in my mind and never got out. i searched for an answer from deep within yet my brain but failed to find a solution. a sudden change of plans; search my heart. after a long survey of options, there was never really a firm one.. all i thought about was what you wanted.. when i started to think about what i wanted, it was clear that i wanted you to still be a part of my life. its not fair, its really not.. but i would really want to make the best out of it.. theres too little time and so much more obstacles to get pass..

if you ever want to tell me what you want to do. tell me in the face..

'i'm hanging on..'

'slip away in silence; so i don't hear...'

good as it may sound
i know myself that cant be
and i didnt feel bad about it till right then
had to remind her that we were just pretend
i said baby i want you
but stay with the real thing
i never loved you enough
see i only want you
but stay with the real thing
stay with the real thing
stay with your real life
'Ne-Yo - The Real Thing'
hush, dont ask me why ...