Saturday, September 19, 2009

he better be perfect;

-currently hoping that i will someday be as lucky as you..

theres so much i have yet to tell you. but this time, i have to let go. when you first told me you had eyes for a new one, it somehow tug me a little. i couldnt find the words to say, and acted i was still steady. i know, i put you through the same thing before. and you had no complaints. anyways, i didnt know how much you meant to me till then. but i soon came to realise i was happy for you and pushed what i had felt aside. actually, im really happy for you now. theres only so much i can help you and i would do anything to help you anyways. i guess, if you care for someone, you would be happy for them no matter what..

but hey, all good things have to come to an end. but i never thought i would lose this. sometimes, when your name is mentioned, i would think about you for a moment. sometimes when you walk by me, i would take a peek with the corner of my eyes but only from a distance. though all of it has passed, why is there a wall that is holding me back from talking to you. sometimes i just wonder.. but no matter how much pain i caused you, im sorry.. and i hope hurting you is not the reason for you to remember me by. remember me by the guy who walked pass your life.. and took you along my journey to open up your mind and heart to the different feelings that love has to offer.. and i hope to hear from you from time to time..

who would have thought a bond like us that we had before would have ended. who would have thought, we came this far either.. we definitely had our moments. now, take those experience and use it in your new life.. dont hold back. and go on. dont do something you will regret, and knowing you, dont keep your feelings to yourself. no matter how corny it is, thats life..

after you read this, dont hesistate. go go go! there will be a time for us. so dun worry. im always there, root-ed to the arteries and vein of your heart. you cant take me out.. so, live with it. you have definitely left your mark on me.. but dont leave a mark on him. embed you on him. dont let go of your believes.. and im always here for support if you need any..

remember when i promised you i would be here no matter what?
i mean it. so dont forget..

lastly, i know how you are, dont always look down on yourself. you're capable of so much more. you have no idea how much you can do. so, do your thing, which you do best, capture the heart of your loved one. be strong and be confident.. and think positive right? this time, the time and place is already set for you. this time its clear.. this time its fate.. stay happy. i love it when you're happy. it makes me feel satisfied, and less work for me to do too.. haha..

you wont be lonely; when im here.

'there always light at the end of a tunnel'

I close both locks below the window
I close both blinds and turn away
Sometimes solutions aren't so simple
Sometimes good bye's the only way
'shaadow of the day- linkin park'
my love.
i will always be the same.
'this time - wonder girls'