Monday, September 28, 2009

state the obvious;

- Currently thinking about the ugly truth..

everyday seems to go by fine. everyday seems to go by mundanely. where's the excitement? where's was that 'ummph' that i used to have. so many things to say, so little time.. whats left of this, which we all call friendship? whats left to belief, when truth to be told, we're living a lie? i just feel relentless torture. Signs made me belief the feeling was true, nevertheless, life told me that going down that road might not be possible.. its all neurosis. but i hope it isnt. maybe i will find that dream of being that special someone for that special someone who totally feels im their special someone, someday...

Dear Reader,
its not that i want you,
its not that i need you,
its because i have you,
you mean so much more..
take care from your true friend.