Thursday, September 17, 2009


- currently saving spit for later.

i dont know why, but i think i really am a functionary. my mouth blabber words only i understand. theres nothing i can put across to make someone get it anymore. im losing my mind. really frustrated. i really dont know what you want, im pretty sure you dont want this. and im pretty sure there nothing you would wanna sacrifice for this. so, feel free to slowly part.. im just wondering about, how am i going to sleep. my mind can't rest till i hear something solid to satisfy it. this too much, really. i have never felt like this before.. its somehow, a slow and very the least, painful, death.. i've completely lost who i am. and will never be the same again.. but as people say, time flies, we wouldnt know whats gonna happen.. sometimes i wish we were the way we used to be..

today was a regular day. had two papers in the morning and free till the bell rang to go. have a week to study for one subject, its all good. after school, went out with some friends. these guys actuall made me feel better. firstly,i had to wait half an hour for sonia, simmren and 'you know who' to come down. i said hi to them but not 'you know who'. soon sonia pulled me to S.A. and then to seven eleven, then to S.A. again. while being there i waved to 'you know who'.. she waved back. so it was all good. then, syaz came and wanted to eat in tanjung. so sure, we went. i didnt want to go as she was there. but i had to somehow. so i walked passed her and said hi. you dont know how red i felt.. my cheeks were burning. then, sonia, supposedly had to get ceadit. then she ask me to teman her (what an excuse). she did that on purpose so i would walk pass 'you know who'.. then when we came back, she was about to go back soon. i said bye to her.. and thsts the end to that..

'the anastatic - friends'

daus; his ridiculous piano skills

syaz; belum pro lagi.
but more pro than anyone in the room

sonia; my instructor. soon to be rockstar.

after dinner, we went to yamaha to play some guitar. but i dunno how to play. so i watched, and learnt how to play 'happy birthday'. after that daus came and showed us his piano skills. afeter that we all headed back to tanjung to lepak. after lepaking for quite sometime, it was time to part. so then we left, one by one.. and i went home last. as usual, i didnt want to bother anyone.

..listen to the light breeze
you feel that?