Saturday, August 8, 2009

sometimes the words you say tear me up,
you sometimes make me feel that you dont care anymore,
with your indirect signals, from conversations to networking,
your smile, nowadays, seem to be vague,
im trying to tell you, im feeling insecure(very),
yet no words of yours could make me feel any better,
they way ' i love you ' is said, makes me feel like its forced,
forced to make sure i dont go anywhere,
if that is really your intention, tell me,
im not a toying around no more,
if you want to make anything work, do it,
dont tell me you're sure of what you want with bad intentions,
i want to be myself where-ever and when-ever,
not something which is put to use only when needed,
the longer we stay like that, the further i will walk...
think, before i put my life back into motion..
this i post with much pain,
dont take it too seriously,
just opinions from the heart.