Sunday, February 1, 2009


Let me tell you something. have you ever spent so much money on credit to chat with a girl or a guy (for those girls out there) and you didnt mind?. Could you be so blinded by how you feel to do so?. through the nagging and scolding you get from your parents, you would still do it.

Well i am having this problem..

My conversation with her its just a friendship kinda chat. but every message i send her it makes me feel as if she cared. and i continue to do so as i thought this might help to get closer to her. all we ever talk is about the boredom we have and what we do and sometimes just say something random to lenghten the conversation.

But sometimes i think to myself..

If she didnt care then why would she continue messaging me?. could it be a sign of pity?. i have no idea. im kinda confused. i was thinking of asking her to be with me soon. but sometimes it seems all she wants with me is a FRIEND and not more. she once told me she dont fall for a guy that easily. does that mean my efforts came crashing down as if all i did was entertain?. Im not saying she's crushing me or she's bad. im saying at least give a sign of interest or what so ever to prevent the wrong interpretation of a slightly different gesture.

Other than that..

Does age matters?. it stuck in my head that she is the second oldest in our circle of friends and i'm the youngest. She's two years my senior. yet some of my friends which knows gave me advise and confidence to ask her. and yet i am sitting here thinking of what to do next. Will age reallly matter. she seems to like pretty boys. and i aint 1 myself. its hard when all the facts are layed out like this..