Friday, February 20, 2009

Ups And Downs : Pros And Cons

Toady was a very interesting day. the morning started with jogathon. i thought we were all gonna start straight away after the school began, so i took a RED BULL. but i came to find out that it only starts after a few events. so i felt like i wasted a can of it. but anyhows, the jogathon was great. i got a position in the top ten. good huh?. but to tell you the truth, i wouldnt have finished the race as i wanted to if it werent for worrying abt her.

i went 1 round already. form 3's to form 5's are supposed to go two rounds. as i was running my second, i herd people talking about her. its wasnt good. she was injured and she fell. hearing this made me just want to finish the race as soon as possible to go see her. as i finished i looked around and i couldnt find her. i walked pass the office, but for so,e reason i turned around and saw a group of people surrounding someone. i ran there and saw her in pain. this was an awfull sight. i couldnt do anything about it. i have no idea what to do at that time. so i kept quiet. thinking to myself ' how pathetic am i'.. but in the end she was fine and was back to her normal self. i asked her if she was okay. she turned around, gave me smile and told me she was fine. what a relief that was.

After all the drama, it was time to celebrate Levia's birthday. Levia was upstairs as we were preparing the cake at the canteen. soon she came down and we sang her a song. after that school was back to its normal ways. STUDIES conttinued as usual ; what a bummer.

later, around 1:30 in the afternoon, it was time for the basketball matches to go on. the u-15 girls were 1st to play. YELLOW won that match ; GO YELLOW! then the u-18 girls were to play next. yellow was against blue this time. the game started alright. Levia, the birthday girl, got injured later. and thats when the drama took place. yellow and blue girls were kinda battling hard against each other out there. it was so hard to watch. they fought and they fought. SHE was in the court for BLUE that time. i didnt want HER to get hurt and neither did i want them to fight. SHE, at the last minutes scored two free throws. these points were the deciders of the game. yellow lost. and after that game some of the girls were not happy and ignored each other. anyways i congratulated HER. and i got MY FIRST HUG FROM HER. those few miliseconds were definitely a memory to remember. then soon after was the u-18 boys turn. reds against yellows. the game started reds way and red had the lead. but just before the first half ended, yellow took the lead. and from there they maintained their lead for the win. GO YELLOW!

After that game, it was followed by my game. the u-15 ; yellow against blue. we started off okay but didnt get to scored till a few minutes had passed. after that point we continued to score more frequently. in this game, i gave it all i could. i jumped higher than i normally do, i ran more than i normally run, and i also fouled more than i normally fouled. but still i managed to score a few points and made some blocks. it was a good game. the game ended and it was HER turn to congratulate me. i was already happy and what she did made me happier.

i wished her goodbye and left for home..