Monday, February 9, 2009

A Day to Never Attend to.

Today is Hari Thaipussam. Its a holiday. And this sucks cause i have " Cheerleading " practice in school. The day started as i was going to school with my dad after having breakfast. Matthew and Khai Teq, my friends, were late to my house so i left for school without them. in the end they managed to come to school anyways. i had a reason to go early. i wanted to practice for basketball as i have a house match on wednesday. Anyways, after practicing alone for a while SHE came. SHE told me that my " Mother " ( that means my God-Mother) was emitted into the hospital last night. I was like DAMN. But after awhile i got to be wih her for a few minutes i guess. after that Aisyah came and i had to practice.

Later, as i was practicing, i couldnt stop thinking about HER. And what SHE'S doing. i was day dreaming. And during cheerleading, Aisyah was extra mean and she did not let us eat lunch till 1 something. Man i had breakfast at 6! then i thought to myself maybe i should ask my mum to get some food for me, my friends and her. well i guess my dad was busy so i cant get food.

Soon after, Matthew got lost and Aisyah got all EMO. i had no idea why. he went out to get food for us and yet you get angry at him? ITS FOOD WOMAN, FOOD!

Thats it for today..

(and for those who didnt get to read this original post before, well, too bad. i didnt want to get myself into trouble. but if you want to know you could ask.)

And for those of you out there who have read my original post, PLEASE i beg of you to keep whatever you read to yourself. DONT GET ME INTO STICKY SITUATIONS.