Monday, February 2, 2009

A sudden FEELING.

Hey! Hey! Hey! want to hear a poem?. well this poem is for that somebody out there and if you are reading it might be you, BUT DONT GET YOUR HOPES UP (too soon). this is just something i felt like saying. it might not be all that but its good enough for me. So ENJOY.

i want you to know that eventhough we're apart.
a piece of you will always remain in my HEART.
I'll remember you smile your smile.
I'll remember your laugh.
I'll also REMEMBER the momments we had.
However, there's one thing i regret.
And thats the way i made you cry as i said my final GOODBYE.
I didnt meant to hurt you, because you meant everything to me.
i know i should have tried, and in our love, BELIEVED.
But instead i did the one thing that tore my heart into two.
I had to put an end to our relationship ; and now we're through.
I guess everything is not meant to last for an eternity.
in time we will both heal and look back on the MEMORIES.
And now eventhough we are no longer together.
Its you, my first love, i will always REMEMBER.

well its a blog. so sometimes whatever i say here, stays here peacefully and might not be brought up in the real world. Unless my feelings over-rule me.