Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This post i gonna be a little awkward but read with me. OK?. i have been with her like for 11 days now. and its obvious that our feelings are mutual. but 1 thing has been bothering me since. you know how couples react and how they do they're THING right?. me, im finding my strenght to carry out these THINGS. these things im refering to are like holding hands, snuggling into 1 another, holding waist and what not. See, since we're together and all, i thought these things will be easily carried out. but i was wrong. everytime when i have a chance to, i somehow chicken-out and keep my hands to myself. i dont know why. aint these types of things suppose to be okay to do with 1 another?. i just wished that i know she has the same feelings as i have to do these things. i dont want to make her feel awkward and all. thats why i just couldnt risk a single wrong move..