Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What A GAME.

Today my school had its first inter-house games this year. it started of with the girls under 15 basketball. Yellow agaisnt Blue. In the end yellow house won. the next game also involed the yellow house. This time its the under 18 girls agaist the reds. I guess the streght of yellow house was too powerfull and it overthrew the reds.

The last match of the day was the long anticipated game i have been waiting for. The under 15 boys, yellows against the reds. in the first few seconds or minutes in the game we already scored. soon after me and my fellow team mates used a FULL COURT PRESS tactic. this definitely overpowered the reds. in just seven minutes, which is half the game we play, we already scored more than 20 points and the reds had none.

Soon after we played the final half of the game. we still dominated but in the final minutes the red got to score two points from different free shots. I guess our hopes of making them lose with a zero was no possible. But the game ended 40 to 2 making us the dominating team overall at the moment.

Keep it up guys...